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online betting anybody on how many episodes she lasts? I say 2.


Don't really like Wiig, but Yay!? Anything concerning AD qualifies as a yay!

Vampire Diaries Scoop: Is Jeremy a Goner?

Really don't think Silas the king of all immortal creatures and the most powerful witch in existence is going to be troubled by the hunter's curse. On a scale of 1-10, what's the possibility that he kills EVERYBODY (including Caroline) and we get a brand new less retarded batch of characters?

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questions and thoughts about dangerous liasons

I think this episode was the shark? Yeah?

Now, this is not a regular complaint - something was epically wrong with this episode, right?


Tyler gone off on his own for the second time now to get his shit together? Really? Really?

Klaus has nothing better to do than draw (and hand deliver, i guess) pencil-parchment scratches of caroline and a horse? with his mother plotting his demise? Was he not supposed to be totally prepared for everything? why did he suddenly go "well, mama ain't a total bitch. she say's i'm forgiven so i'm not going to worry about it."

Not to piss you caroline lovers off, but unless this thing goes up in the air really badly, klaus might not be able to redeem himself? And, confused about this, is caroline aware that Tyler bit her because klaus wanted him too? Cause she don't really have a reason to go dancing with the dude in his dress.

Horrible horrible sotryline.

Matt? nuttin to say.

Alaric? he and merideth should elope, run away and die. seriously.

I really miss jeremy, because anything he'd be in, would have been better than anything that was in that episode.

Stefan and Damon! What the fuck? And Elena? Christ? Who is writing this thing? And worse, who are they writing it for? Who do they think enjoyed that little arm-in-arm-in-arm scene and the ball?

Who the fuck has balls? And who the fuck attends them? and who the fuck would write that? and who the fuck would watch that? and who the fuck would enjoy it?

Really and truly to be exact:





not to imply that if you enjoyed this episode you're retarded, but i'd have to be retarded. At about fourteen minutes in i remember feeling to vomit a bit. not sure what was happening around that time but i was pretty disgusted.

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"So what point are you trying to make youngnan?"


@ Elijah's Hottie - Maybe it's a culture thing if you're not getting it, or that I'm not getting you. I've never at any point said it's not an issue, but i think there's a general misunderastanding as to what "racist" means. I'm not going to get into the nitty gritty of it, cause you seem to have a sociology text in your posession and I'm sure there's a chapter or two somewhere in it about what exactly racism is.


Representation of the vast number of ethnicities in modern media will be an issue that continues into the forseable future because media caters to the society. If you've access to non-American media, you'll notice the difference. Fix the mind-set of people who only see the world in racial planes, fix the mindset created by centuries of conditioning, and TVD will follow. You don't raise that demand in a society by labelling everything the light touches on as "racist". That's counter-productive. Racism goes beyond casting black people as one family of black witches. Racism goes beyond not having asian cast members.

"Your attitude or disposition on the issue means shit to me" Fix responses like this first before you to try to implement "diverse casting legislature".

Insensitivity? Wash off the need to be pesristently politcally correct. Grow a little bit and muck around the world a little bit. Read a chapter, then go and try to live it out. Stop watching TVD, get some visine and then open up them eyes. Balance out the passion of the SoSci life with some real world practicality.







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I get the idea behind the thread, but i think we can say it's less racist than almost everything else (everything else that's not deliberately catoring to a certain ethnicity). In my head, it's actually kinda progressive.


That KW is gay is kinda news to me, and i can almost pat him on the back, because just because you're gay doesn't meant eveything you do has to be gay. (Talking about the glee guy here) (although the true blood guy manages to use his gayness to make evetything in TB ultra sexy)

Also, just because Bill is gay, shouldn't make him tolerant of everything else. That's like saying black people shouldn't be homophobes. It's like "dude, you're a fag (insert random derogatory name). You're not allowed to have opinions about vampires or anything, just be grateful that no one's stringing YOU up." So i thought it was cool that they could seperate the issues and not have him as some all-inclusive, uber-tolerant atheist.


And wrt the race thing. TVd is probably the most inclusive show on CW to date. Calling Trevino hispanic is like calling lorenzo lamas hispanic. And calling bonnie black is like calling thandie newton an african. See the point? Not that they aren't, but are they the most representative of the entire body? Perhaps not. Not that we have a black scale, or a chinese scale or a hispanic scale, but be real... How mexican on a scale of 1-10 is Trevino?

But check out anything else on tv and it's worse 9times/10, where there's one single mixed person total, including walk-ons. Are they racist? ... they might be recovering racists... They're trying. you can see the effort.


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