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New Gossip Girl Clips: The Return of Derena?

Im not ship bashing, I am just curious to what people see in 'Dair'?
Dan gives and gives, and Blair uses him SO MUCH. And yet somehow people come to the conclusion that they are soulmates. :/
When Dan has feelings for someone he is prepared to give up everything to help them. Blair has issues; she claims she is in love with a man who once sold her for and Hotel. And has cheated on Louis (her fiance) multiple times with him. And to top it off she didn't know who the father of her baby was.. *Yawn
And judging by the leaked pictures for the shows 100th episode, Blair still intends to marry Louis. But *SHOCKER she most likely will play a runaway bride. For me this season focused to much on Blair. I dont like the Chuck/Blair relationship, its a bit of a cliche. A few episodes ago chuck told nate that he kissed Blair to let her go.. Cause thats true and all.. I want Blair to be by herself for a while, and stop juggling so many guys. If Serena was in Blairs shoes everyone would call Serena a slut!!

Yournobodytillyourtalkedabout xoxo
Gossip Girl Return Promo: Let Him Live!

Chucks not gonna die. He is one of the shows most treasured assests.
NEWSFLASH I would bet my bottom dollar on that.

Yournobodytillyourtalkedabout xoxo
Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: "Petty in Pink"

I know aye i like the prince i think he's so cute :D i dont think it'll work out though~this is gossip girl so who knows! Heres hoping