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Person of Interest Review: Against HR

I loved Carter, and am sorry to see her go. But I think it was in keeping with this show that all along has said how high the stakes are. Early on in the series, I remember, Reese telling Finch (or maybe it was the other way around) that he'd be surprised if either of them lived through it. It's another reason to stay glued to the show, because you never know what can happen; we can't be complacent that the good guys will always win and be back again next week.

NCIS: Los Angeles Review: The Right Now

The case of the week was just ridiculous from start to finish. It was worth it to get the Kensi and Deeks scene at the end, though. I also got a kick out of Sam and Callen over Callen considering getting a tattoo.

NCIS Review: A Beautiful Mind

I liked Bishop better than I thought I would. I think Bishop said that Flynn, the NSA agent, went to the payoff location because he went though the same thought process she did. And Yay! I am happy to hear Hollis Mann is coming back - out of all of Gibbs' potential love interests, she was my favorite by far.

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