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Gossip Girl Caption Contest 111

Blair: serena! Stairs are not gonna stop a high school horndog. Barbed wire will not stop a high school horndog. A wall of fire will not stop a high--
serena: blair, I get it, I get it.

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 110

Jack: well, hello beautiful.
Lily: I am sorry Jack but girls with asses like mine , do not talk to guys with faces like yours.
Rufus: Yeah i am prettier than you jack huh.. (she;s the man reference...)

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 110

Lily: its just so sad what happened to Chuck and Blair
Rufus : yes, i really thought Chuck became a decent guy when he bought the hotel and got into a real relationship/
Jack: come on guys! i took chuck's hotel cause he already had such a fulfilling career as a whore.

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u missed me THEREFORE I CME BK      

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Sooo the Turkish version of GG???

I kind of miss fake vogue.

*cautiously aware of the fact that this might summon her from wherever*



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Blair's Baby - Who's the Daddy?

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