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I think the ending with Alicia leaving L&G could be used as a red herring next season. If she sank the fledgling firm in front of Wil, that would be massive inroads to getting him. In the end, though, regarding the love triangle, I don't think we got any answers in this episode. Wil is still focused on Alicia, but work comes first. Alicia is still muddling over the fact that despite her feelings for Wil, Peter seems to be improving. Peter still acts like an arse, despite his anger at Wil and Alicia being sneaky (mildly sympathetic towards him on that count). My big feeling is that Momma Florek is responsible for the voter fraud, and she did a lot more stuffing of ballot boxes than just that one district. She's manipulative, she's downright nasty, and she wants to live high on the hog with her Latino boytoy, but with none of the consequences of her actions. She's already admitted in front of the court that she's legally incompetent, so she'll sidestep any allegations with "Little Old Lady Syndrome" and blame it all on Peter or Eli.

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