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Sylar & Parkman Ordeal.....

Personally, I love the Parkman/Sylar conflict. I also saw the Niki/Jessica comparison...but, it feels different to me.

* I never really got as attached to Nikki or Jessica as I did to Sylar and Parkman.

* Sylar, being in Parkman's consciousness, doesn't only have the power to take over his physical body. He can also make him see, think, and believe anything he wants. He doesn't really even -have- to take over.

* Although Sylar's still powerful against Parkman, it's still amusing watching him cope with his sudden loss of abilities.

* Jessica was only violent due to self-preservation. Example: She killed Linderman's men in the beginning because they were going to hurt her. Not only was she protecting herself, she was protecting Nikki. They were a team...one was just stronger and more violent than the other. But, they were still on the same side, shared the same mentality. The Sylar/Parkman situation, however, is different. Sylar isn't just a repressed part of Parkman. He's his own person and isn't exactly looking out for Parkman's wellbeing. They are by no means a team like Nikki/Jessica. They're downright enemies, each out to wreck the other. In my opinion, that makes it a lot more interesting watching them have to share the same mind.

But...yeah. That's just the way I see it. ^.^ Similar, but not the same.

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heroes sucks even more

Mark...you're honestly telling me you're STUCK watching a tv show? Someone's forcing you to sit down and watch every episode, Clockwork Orange-style? Why don't you try picking up a book or something? (Crazy concept, yes?) o.O Is your life really so dependent on television that no matter what's on, no matter how much you hate it, it's not in your power to turn the damn thing off?

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Censor me if you must but Heroes is THE BEST SHOW ON TELEVISION!!!

Me too, me too! Haha...I actually watched 1 - 3 on DVD. So now, I can hardly contain myself waiting for the new episodes. >.< I'm losing my mind! Gahh!

It's okay, though. I seem to be keeping myself fairly occupied as I wait: I've been having dreams about Heroes nearly every night for almost three weeks now. (Almost all of them focus on Sylar...yay Sylar...) Heh. I get excited to go to sleep now, just so I can watch Heroes! ^.^!

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