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Salvatore's Elena Vs Hybrid's Caroline

Number of The Vampire Diaries's fans are increasing every second because each day the story gets amazing and interesting. However, season 4 has taken a huge pace since its arrival on the Tv screen. People think that there are many reason behind this huge pace and the top contributor in this thing is the love stories of this epic series. 

Until now, we know that Salvatores are being lovers of Elena but on the other hand, the love story of hybrids with Caroline is also getting hot in every episode. The interest of Klaus in Caroline is always been a very amusing story circle for viewers but now this has got a back bone, due to which Tyler seems to be jealous as it is seen in season 4 episode 7. Caroline, sometimes also misunderstands the relation between Tyler and Hayley and it leads Caroline straight to Klaus.

Right now, I can only say that Caroline is soon going to be in a position where Elena was in the last episode of season 3.

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Delena vs Stelena


The story between the two brothers is getting interesting and thirst quenching every day by day, because both of them are out of Elena's reach. In the beginning of season 4, the story was in complete favour with the epic couple of Stefan and Elena. However, later on time goes by and it brought Damon at a position where she could never have imagined. Stefan's secret planning with Klaus and Elena's feelings for Damon brought a great deal of distance between this couple. Eventually, Elena's feeling for Damon were getting magnified day by day and later on, everyone of them get to know that she is sired to Damon. In the last episode, we can see clearly that Elena does not want to lose him but Damon, being a good guy let her free.

 Delena and Stelena are right now at a point where no one can predict anything for sure and that is the most epic thing about this Tv show named " The Vampire Diaries ".


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