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Grey's Anatomy Review: Surviving the Storm

Loved the opening episode.Though felt bad for Heather but it seems as if SHonda has to kill one intern always.They killed George in Meridith's batch,Lexi was in one after Meridith so she also got killed and now Heather in this one.Loved Senior Bailey's talk with Junior Bailey though.

Revenge Review: Save The Date

I am quite confused about the Aiden situation right now is he seriously planning to take take down Emily or is it his and Emily's plan..............This episode was seriously big time mess all except Jack.Poor fellow is now confused more than ever.His brother died , his wife who he thought somebody else died and now Emily dropped the bombshell about her being Amanda Clark...........He is the most stressed fellow on this show right now.Feeling really bad for Jack.


Waiting for TVD !!!

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