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Holy Hotness: Vampire Diaries Stars Cover EW

I thik this is just a move how to get attention back to the main trio. Now, when everyone is focused on the Original family they issue these exciting pictures. Suspiciously smart timing for the photos.

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 43

Stefan, I`m afraid I`ve made the bunny`s mom angry. Watch out!

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lol im confused....

Tyler was not poisoned. Hunter took the venom from his jaws and he used it to poison the beer at the party. Hunter said he had the vampires at the party covered. That`s how Rebekah and Elena were poisoned. For Elena it was lethal so she needed Klaus, Rebekah was just sick and had hallucinations because she can`t die from it, only that stake can kill her. She said that herself. I just don`t understand how come Stefan was not poisened because he drank as well. Weird.

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who made Rose?

I hope the one who turned Rose was Elijah (somewhere in the line). Of course I want him to stay alive, but that`s not the point. Imagine the pondering whether to finish Klaus or not, if the only life linked to him (that would sort of matter to protagonists) would be Tyler`s. Klaus` demise would be out of question if it turned out he is at the begining of Katherine`s (and so on and so on) bloodline. But deciding between Tyler and Klaus, that might be interesting.

Or I just expect too much. In fact, I don`t dare to hope that this will happen. I have a bad feeling, Bored Now is right and Klaus is in the begining of everything. Because it`s just this show. Klaus being the ultimate Original is supposed to be the greatest predicament, but in fact it is so obvious.... somehow I am almost disappointed in advance

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3.17 Synopsis Family Histories

Seriously did she say that? But that is ridiculous. In 1x11 Damon literally said: "Vampires can`t procreate (but we love to try)." Well, that was a funny line, som I remember it.

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