Jenna: Adam's acting like us.
Tracy: But he is not famous. Why is the government allowing this?

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Like Ginger, who posted above,, I stretad watching because of Kathy Bates. I still love watching her but Damian is now her equal in terms of my attention and interest. I keep going back to that hilarious line, burglarized, vandalized, and PLAGIARIZED, wondering how long it took for you to be able to deliver that with a straight face. Your delivery was brilliant. I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall in there while you were taping that episode. Wow! Anyway, I've become more and more curious about you and this morning I found this website. You're an awesome actor and destined for the big time (although a starring regular spot with Kathy Bates seems already the big time but I see Academy Awards for you in my crystal ball.)Thanks for your incredible performances and I look forward to following your continued rise to stardom.. (p.s. Could you post some of your poetry slam work, if it's recorded? )