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Two and a half men

Evelyn: Alan, you know I don't like old people.
Alan: I do know, you will like her, she is young at heart like you.
Evelyn: I am young everywhere, all parts. What I have not replaced, I have tightened, bleached or trimmed.


We love Eveyln, always will,she is so believable and has the best lines... Please bring back Judith in EVERY show and have Berta in EVERY show, and where is ROSE people???????????? Bring back the hot tub at Judiths with times... If you go into season 10 you have to have the gang together, get rid of Ashton, the rest can hold it together and be GREAT....I said GREAT...

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Two and a Half Men Season 9 Episode 19 Quotes

Walden: Where is your Dad?
Jake: He is out with his mom.
Eldridge: They are picking up my grandma up at the International House of Old People.
Jake: IHOOP.

Eldridge: Hell yeah, she is hot.
Jake: It is not about how hot she is.
Walden: Well, thank you Jake.
Jake: It is about whether she stays hot.

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