(voiceover) At the precise moment when Dr. Hanson Mills was cutting another umbilical cord, other ties were being severed all over town. (A doctor severs an umblical cord from a newborn) Like the one between a child and a mother, who didn't want him to grow up so quickly (Shot of Veronica giving Donovan a juice box.) Or the one between a case of fine wine, and the housewife who hadn't wanted to admit she had a problem. (Shot of Bree placing her bottles of wine in a box for Goodwill.) Or between a woman and the boyfriend, who couldn't forgive her betrayal. (In the hospital, Dr. Ron talks on the phone to Susan.) The choice to separate from what we love is painful. (At the strip club, a man comes over to Libby.) The only thing worse, was when someone we trusted makes the choice for us. (The man is apparently the baby's father, who is doting on the baby. Libby does not seem pleased.)

Mary Alice

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Desperate Housewives Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

I've read the Constitution, and it does not protect ugly people!


(Susan sees Dr. Ron walking out of the house)
Susan: Where is he going?
Karl: Uh, we've got a bit of a plumbing emergency.
Susan: So you sent him over to Mike's?!