Balls is knowing the cost and going ahead anyway.


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After being drafted into the U.S. Army, I was stationed in Fort Monmouth, NJ. My sergeant, from the south, wasn't particularly fond of me. I don't know if it was because I hailed from Pennsylvania or because he thought I was a slacker, or child molester, or, worse yet, a Yankee.
Anyway, my wife was running a fever of 105 degrees - I'd checked it twice to be sure. I alerted the good sergeant of this fact and he told me to come to the base to sign out before taking her to the emergency room at the nearest hospital. I reminded him of the fact that brain cells begin to die off at between 105 and 106 degrees and that I would prefer to take her to the hospital FIRST and then sign out at the base. He told me "Boy, if you don't get here immediately, I'll have the MPs on your ass!" It was at that point that I made a grave mistake - I said, OK, sergeant, but please have someone there to sign me out." Well, he didn't. I spent 20 minutes getting there and another 45 waiting for someone to allow me to sign out.
Balls - had I had a pair, I should have told the good sergeant that I would sign out ASAP - and then been directly on my merry way to the hospital with my beautiful wife and baby in tow. The Army could wait. The moral of the story: Never ask permission, ask for forgiveness afterward instead. Words to live by. I do now.

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First murder of the week and in broad daylight. I love this city.