Lola: Have you ever been in love?
Narcisse: That is a rare jewel I have yet to see.

Narcisse: You've heard the rumors, the damning rumors of the treatment of my past wives.
Lola: Do you deny them?
Narcisse: Contrary to the reputation I enjoy, I am not a soulless animal.

Mary: Can you please stop feeling guilty and stay with the people who love you? Stay as my friend, as one of my ladies so that our children can grow up to be as close as we are.
Lola: Nothing would make me happier. Well there is one thing. No decision has been made on a godmother. I want it to be you. I know it puts you in an awkward position, but there is no one I trust more with my child than you.
Mary: I would be honored.

This ball is as enjoyable as a clergyman's eulogy. Why aren't the young people dancing? Not you, of course, in your condition. Louis, saves of this dirge, and take Greer with you. I feel more kindly toward her as we get closer to her marriage with that spectacularly rich Castleroy.


Mary: Lola! Don't you turn your back on me. I am more than your friend. I am your Queen!
Lola: Is there something I left out, your Majesty?
Mary: You were right. It would be better if you were housed elsewhere. The better to keep you out of my sight.

Lola: And now I fear your happiness has come to undermine your compassion.
Mary: My compassion is for you! As it is yours that rules you in this moment. Your cage is invisible but it rules you just the same. And has it ever occurred to you that your cage is of your own making? That the bars formed the minute you decided to sleep with the man I loved knowing I loved him still?

Greer: I can't be ruled by desire. It's nothing to build a life on.
Kenna: Isn't it?
Greer: You and Bash? If I have to hear one more tale of the two of you knocking your bed though the floor...
Kenna: Well, the floor is made of stone, mercifully, although we have nearly cracked the bed in two. You can't overlook passion! It's what brought us together.

Your figure's gonna go to hell anyway so you might as well eat up. You are feeding the future King of France!


I don't think I've ever been this happy in my entire life.


Francis: You aren't.
Mary: I am! It's been some weeks now but I wanted to be sure and I am sure. I am with child, our child, at last!

It is too much for me Mark. How you can spend your whole life with people, devote every waking second and God I feel like such a fool. I don't even know my own family.


Beth: He was strange Ellie. Perfectly civil but odd. He noticed a picture of Danny and Chloe on my desk. He asked if they were my kids.
Ellie: So he asked about Danny?
Beth: He said I had a beautiful family.

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