Noah: Audrey, you can't just invade a guys laptop.
Audrey: Oh, please. He's invading everyones everything.

I don't know. I guess rehab is better than divorce court.


Brooke: So... before I say what I have to say, how hot is your coffee?
Emma: Well, it is coffee, so hot.

Camille: Good morning people! Isn't it a great day to be alive?
Cameron: You're a happy camper today.
Camille: Yeah, cause the last time I was in here we almost died and now the sun is shining, flowers blooming. Greatest team in the world! Churros for everyone!

Brooke: You could have just ordered an iced coffee.
Jake: I like torturing the ice.

Keiran: People are dicks.
Emma: You watched the video.
Keiran: No, not interested.

Hello Emma, how does it feel to be the star of the show?


Faith in ourselves. For some of us, that's a hell of a lot harder than faith in God.


Cat: What am I looking at?
Zed: We think that this reflection could be the glasses of Joshua Butler.
Cat: Ghosts still need glasses?

I want you to know I broke my tooth ripping his shirt off.


Trying to get Ramona laid is like Saving Private Ryan. We're all going to die trying.


Great. The one person in the room without any medical experience is the one giving orders.