Paul: Found his lawyer, too. Had to hump all over her leg for this shit. Oh, and this one fag, at the bank? He started hittin' on me. I almost clocked the guy.
TD: Yeah? Why would you do that?

His eyes? What the fuck kind of modus operandi is that?


Ani: His insurance had these forms. Items likely stolen from his place. We can put out pawn sheets on them. What'd you guys get?
TD: Oh. The young man here, he got a dynamite anecdote.

The fundamental difference between the sexes is that one of them can kill the other with their bare hands.


Ray: You pull off that e-cig. Not a lot of people do.
Ani: This place gets a day-to-day influx of 70,000 people, right? Where do they live?
Ray: I tried one once? I felt like I was smoking me. A real cigarette wouldn't make you feel like that. Maybe it was just a little to close to suckin' robot's dick. I don't know.

Just so you know, I support feminism, mostly by having body image issues.


Well, I don't know anything about that, but sometimes a good beating provokes personal growth.


Shawn: I didn't tell you because-
Tasha: Because you're loyal to Ghost.
Shawn: I didn't want to be the one to break your heart.
Tasha: You were thinking of my feelings, huh? Well you might be the only one.

Ghost: You're the only person I can trust.
Tasha: Trust? Is that what we have, Ghost? Trust?

I wanted to save your dream, not mess with your head.

Angela [to Ghost]

But you know how the business is, K. Soon as you take out one threat, another one pops up. Fucking circle of life.


Tasha: So, that bitch that shot at you?
Ghost: She's dead.
Tasha: Same old Ghost. I love it when you take care of shit.