Jennifer: Well maybe you wouldn't get blackmailed if you didn't sleep with your daughter's boyfriend.
Eve: You always were a smug little brat. Now you've managed to produce two more just like you.

Maybe she just whored around for so long that she couldn't keep track of who was who and that's why...


Tamsin: Ugh, I can smell their insecurity from here.
Bo: I think it's Eau de Taylor Swift.

Tamsin: Who better than a Valkyrie to protect the players on the field?
Bo: You don't think the guys are gonna notice a girl in the huddle?
Tamsin: A little doubt goes a long way. Plus, I'm not really a sidelines kind of girl.

Bust out your pom poms, Tam Tam, because it's time to flirt some intel out of a bunch of horny linebackers.


I hear you paid Patricia Evans a visit. Here the poor woman is grieving over her dead husband and you go banging on her door like a drunken Bible salesman.

Sheriff Pope

Ethan: Where's Pope?
Arlene: I don't know, let me look in my Magic 8-Ball and find out. Oh wait a minute, I don't have a Magic 8-Ball. Why don't you have a seat?

Sheriff Pope: I hope you haven't tainted my crime scene.
Ethan: The flies already took care of that.

Ethan: Look, I'm a government agent.
Sheriff Pope: Yeah and Mary Poppins is your grandmother.

Football Player: You're a tall glass of water, aren't ya? I could just drink you up.
Tamsin: Try Gatorade, asshole.

Dean: The Darkness.
Sam: What the hell is that?
Dean: What does it sound like? Does it sound like a good thing?

This is madness, Dean!