Kevin: Rule 1: You die during questioning, I dump you off a bridge.

I ask, you answer. You lie, you get punished.


There's always gonna be people that are going to try and fix us and you can never make those people happy, like it breaks their heart just to look at you.

Monica [to Ian]

We should clarify something, because for me personally, part of feeling alive is being alive!

Frank [to Bianca]

V: You know, having a Russian sex worker isn't ideal for child care.
Kev: Yeah, but she does come in handy.

I know! Lets get crack!

Bianca [to Frank]

Ben: What are you doing here?
Jess: I wanted to make sure you were okay.

I'm not homeless, I told you. I have a home, I'm just not welcome there.

Frank [to Bianca]

My magic comes at a cost, as you know, and I've racked up so much debt I can never be clear of it unless I find a way to change the rules.


Family sucks ass!


Bianca: I'm not gonna be alive to pay off my credit card, what does it matter?
Frank: Such wisdom for one so young.

Dave: So, you think Cornell is going through your underpants right now?
Ben: As long as my family is safe, I don't care.