Nick Vera and Charlie's relationship was more than just professional.

Senator Green

He said, Pegasus takes wing.


Logan: What sort of intrigue does Fatah have to you, Ms. Tucker?
Charlie: I tried to kill him and he took it personally.

Don't go on that convoy unprotected. Better to have it and not need it.


It's not me, it's in the cards. Which I wrote, four days ago.


Charlie, let Nick stay gone.


I want results, Charleston, not updates.


David: Exactly how much of the First Amendment would you like us to ignore to kill the interview?
Charlie: That depends, how many lives would we want to save?

Omar Fatah and Shaik a Kam have just built the biggest terrorist network we've ever seen.

Mr. Logan, in the interest of national security and American lives I would ask that you please hold off on airing this interview.


You know Vera. Find him.

Constance (to Charlie)

Somebody tell me who is Nick Vera and why were there bullets from his CIA registered weapon found in my son?

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