Are we actually moving forward past the bulls**t?


Like, get it together Nina. You're crying on day 4.


It was really nice of you guys to invite me.


Russ: Does this ever work for you?
Milt: Yes. People want to do the right thing.
Russ: Let me tell you what works for me. [whistles] Ricky? You don't need to go to jail. You could just die. You shoot this bastard, I'm gonna shoot you. [Milt puts out his hand to Ricky]

Russ: How do you run in those shoes?
Milt: Oh, I have an excellent cobbler.
Russ: What?!
Milt: Shoemaker. I have an excellent shoemaker.
Russ: I know what a cobbler is. This is unbelievable.

Russ: I think you get lucky. Not because you trust people, but just because you're really good lookin' man.
Milt: Thank you.
Russ: But then as people get to know you, I think you get very unlucky. Which is how you ended up here in Battle Creek and not Washington or New York or even Detroit.
Milt: I go where I can help.
Russ: Oh yeah?

Milt: In my experience, when you trust people, they trust you.
Russ: Hmpf. Have you actually MET people?

Milton: It looks like we got a double homicide.
Russ: No, no, no. Magnum gets double homicides. Rockford gets double homicides. Here, let me get this.

I'll tell you what, Mrs. Seymour. First thing next week, I'll fly to Hawaii and arrest Tom Selleck for you. How does that sound?


Eddie: Oh hey, maybe your stepdaughter Nicole would like to join?
Honey: Sure. I'll ask Marvin and then he'll ask her and she'll tell him what the answer is. It's the way we communicate at dinner. (sighs) Takes a long time to get the salt.

Jessica: And we have been invited to the chamber of commerce charity fundraising event. It's in a country club!
Louis: Why are you so excited about a country club?
Jessica: Because of Caddyshack. It's my favorite movie set in a country club. I've always wanted to go to one. "Spaulding get your foot off the boat!" It's so much yelling. It's so good.

Mitch: One blooming onion.
Louis: Uh, Mitch, I think you meant to say one booming onion. Blooming onion is the intellectual property of one less good restaurant.