Diane: I wanted Catherine to suffer. I wanted Henry to suffer. They did.
Bash: The estate I offered is no longer yours. I will protect your secret as long as you leave today. I can't bear to look at you as you are now much less hanging from a rope. Go and never come back.
Diane: I am your mother. Where is your forgiveness? You absolved your wife even though she was your father's mistress.
Bash: How can you even compare Kenna's affair to this? She was young and naive, she was scared. You killed two baby girls.

Francis: I know it's unfair. My mother was almost beheaded for infidelity while my father had every woman he wanted, but that is the way that it is, right or wrong. I remind you of this because I care for you.
Mary: Oh, is that caring? It sounds to me like a man trying to tighten his grip on a woman. Well understand if I don't stay to hear more.

Such haste! I haven't properly mocked you for saving the life of your mother's worst enemy.


But if Claude killed you I raised a monster and, if she didn't, I have been treating her like one for no reason.


Well now you can be afraid of me! You killed my sisters and made me pay for it my entire life!


I heard that Bash is helping Claude find out if she killed the twins. Shouldn't I have been asking those questions?


My mother thinks I killed the twins, to the point that she was trying to poison me.


You win some, you lose some. Except for me. I always win.


I don't care. Life's too short. Immortal or not, I don't wanna waste another minute.


Just get on with it Kai. Listening to you talk makes me want to die.

Liz [to Kai]

I could kiss you right now you beautiful moron.

Damon [to Tyler]

I was trying to fix something that I had no business trying to fix. It's like textbook definition of a control freak from hell.