Monk: Zen practice is about accepting and appreciating your life in this moment, right now.
Neil: This moment. OK.

You know, that was a bold move back there. Very sexy; watching a man go after what he wants on his own terms.


Neil: If we're gonna get into a long-term relationship, you need to know that I will always be honest with you.
Charles: Are you serious?
Adriana: He's serious.

You'll figure out that book before you figure out my mother.


Frankie: Not the type of guy you want to bring home to mother.
Maura: Not ever his mother.

Jane: I just don't want you to…
Maura: I know, screw up a relationship with the first guy I like who doesn't want to kill me.
Jane: Yes.

Frankie: He didn't seem too shaken up over his boss' death.
Korsak: Which means he's either guilty or he's a 20-year-old street kid who keeps his emotions to him self. I think we should probably figure out which it is.

So, if you knew something that would really hurt me, would you lie?


No. I'm not an escort! I'm just a regular guy who went crazy for a couple days. And got paid for it.

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