Homer: She's gone!
Moe: And she trashed my bar! Oh no, wait, she actually cleaned up a little bit. Good for her.

Isobel: And you have never strayed again?
Violet: I never risked everything again.
Isobel: That is not quite what I asked.
Violet: That is all the answer you will get.

Sorry Marge, but I am the royal babysitter. If I start watching commoners, the tongues of the court will be a wag.


Isobel: I will not have my final years overshadowed by a tearstained tug-of-war.
Violet: I suppose there is one consolation. Dr. Clarkson will be delighted.

Tom: Well if you don't like her, why have you gone through the business of sending Shrimpy to her rescue?
Isobel: That is what I keep asking.
Edith: Well granny?
Violet: Oh you know me, never complain, never explain.
Edith: You don't usually have very much trouble complaining.

Tea gowns! We aren't in the 1980s anymore Mr. Moseley.

Mrs. Hughes

We control something so valuable, the whole of England wants it. We control Nassau and the ransom we are going to demand for her is going to be fucking enormous. More than money, more than land; legitimacy.


Flint: Did Billy say what happened?
Silver: He was fished from the water by the Scarborough, tortured and escaped.
Flint: Did he say how he went into the water?
Silver: He said he lost his footing and he fell. He said you tried to save him.
Flint: And how did the crew react to hearing that?
Silver: Stunned and surprised I would say.

If Lord Ashe is to have any prayer of succeeding in what you are asking of him, not only can you not retrieve the Urca gold, no one else here can retrieve it either.

Richard Guthrie

Flint: If you're looking for something more immediate, then how about your own survival? If we can not agree to do this together then I walk out of here and I lead my men in cutting down what remains of yours.
Vane: This girl is so valuable to you, yet you would risk her death just to punish me? You have one of two choices, try and take her and hope she survives the fight or pay me what she's worth.
Flint: And what exactly do you estimate that to be?
Vane: One Spanish Man of War.

Flint: There is a girl in your possession, her name is Abigail. Give her to me and I will stand down my men, you can have the fort.
Eleanor: You'd give all this up for a little money?
Flint: She's worth more to me than money. She's the future of this place.

This marriage is my death sentence.