Be the caboose.


The psycho struggle!


It’s really sad, but once your brain’s a piece of shit, it’s always a piece of shit


You cannot sort out a man who kills and eats other human beings.


We're getting her ready to find out who we really are; who she really is and that's going to break everything open, will change everything, but it's going to take time.


Gabriel: About Paige? The Centre takes very seriously what you said to them about staying away from her.
Philip: Good.
But if that's the plan, they also want to know, this isn't just sitting still, is it? I'm sorry. I know this is very difficult.
Philip: Do they not understand that she's 14 years old?
Gabriel: Of course they do. But their position, and they have a point, is that now is the time to start laying the groundwork. I don't think I can just go back to them and say nothing.

Maybe I should be be honest. 'Hey sweetie. I went to EST. I think they're all insane. Can we get back together now?'


Sex is one of the few things we have, and almost getting killed is another, that can jolt us into feeling fully alive. If you want to actually experience life, then you've got being so reasonable all the time, you've got to stop hoping things are just gonna get better and you've gotta accept what you've got.

EST Leader

You may be heartless, Lexa, but at least you're smart.


Good can come out of even the darkest acts.


Hey dude, how do you think I feel? I just wrestled a pitbull for a shit-covered dick.


Josh: What happened?
Bartender: I slipped on your dick, then it flew in the air and I landed on my back and I guess my mouth was open because it fell right in my mouth! And then I spat it out and, well, long story short, it's in the toilet.
Josh: It's in the toilet? Oh man, can you please fish it out for me?