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I personally get so somitiptic when I see people react the same way the man with the son in Iraq and the girl with the Muslim friend, who both defended the veiled lady. People like them make me feel a little more hopeful when it comes to racism against us Muslims. I specifically love the fact that the man stated that he is as American as anyone can be, and that people like the covered girl are not the problem, which is basically what we, Muslim students, are trying to explain to Americans throughout these conversations. I got so agitated when I heard some Americans say: she wasn t dressed right or he didn t do anything wrong! He has the right to serve whoever he wants! The problem is that they think they are entitled to decide what is dressing right or wrong. It always surprises me, and angers me, how some Americans think they are superior and get to judge others for not being like them, which is, according to them, the right way to dress, live and behave. It always amazes me how they see that anyone who looks different is not American , therefore, inferior and does not deserve respect. I know this is just a small portion of the American population, but I have met some of these people and their comments angered me a lot, and I am someone who is rarely subjected to these comments. I can t even begin to imagine how someone who looks Muslim (veiled or with a beard) feels everyday because of constant criticism!

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Modern Family Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Ho Ho Hold up a sec!


You two needed time with your mom, I've already served time with your mom.

Jay [to Claire and Mitchell]