(Cartman's Flashback)
Dr. Mephesto: Cartman's father is John Elway.
Cartman: All right!
John Elway: Come on son, let's go get some ice cream.
(Outside the flashback)
Cartman: Now that's what I call a sticky situation.
Stan: John Elway's not your dad, it's your mom because she has a penis.

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South Park Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

(all the kids are panicked and making a lot of noise)
Ms. Crabtree: All right! (she opens a box and pulls out a revolver and a rabbit) Everybody shut up or the cute little bunny DIES!!
(everybody shuts up)
Stan: She's always trying to get us to shut up by threatening to kill that bunny, but do you think she ever would?
Kyle: Oh she would dude, she would.

Cartman: Hey, you guys! What if Ms. Crabtree doesn't come back and we're all trapped up here forever!
(The kids all gasp.)
Kyle: We couldn't get trapped up here forever, Cartman; we'd die after a couple of days
(The kids all gasp louder.)
Stan: Dude!
Kyle: What?
Cartman: (scared) I don't wanna die on this bus with you assholes! You guys suck!
Stan: Dude, would you just relax? We've been in a lot worse situations than this, and we've come out of them just fine.
Kyle: Worse than this??
Stan: Oh, sure. Don't you remember the time the alien visitors kidnapped your little brother Ike? Now THAT was scary!