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John McClane's tank top! You're getting really good at Christmas, Troy.

This is amazing, and possibly in real time!

I've been making a conscious effort to get away from filtering everything through TV. I figured it's time I showed some growth. It's been 3 1/2 what the old me would have said.

Annie: Shirley! We were just-
Abed:-about to-
Troy:-eat garbage dip! Why did I have to go third??

We belonged in the sun, with the wind in our hair. Or maybe at a Bennigan's, enjoying a Turkey O'Toole.

That man saved my a video game.

For the first time in my long history of being locked inside things, I knew someone would come.

Abed: You gotta let me out!
Toby: No, not until Stockholm Syndrome sets in.

I remember when this show was about community college.

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