Adelle: Hello Mr. Langton, how is your evening out?
Boyd: A lot like my evenings in.

Ballard: You want to study the rat before you slice it up.
Adelle: Well that is how science works.

Adelle: Topher?
Topher: I've scrubbed them as much as I safely can. If we pursued the short-range calcium modulin K2 amplified, I could advance the protein's corrosion of long-term potentiation.
Adelle: Done. Whatever that means.

Topher: You know what I like? Brown sauce. What's it made of? Science doesn't know.
Adelle: It's made of brown.
Topher: Brown... mined from the earth by the hardscrabble brown miners of North Brownderton.
Adelle: Oh, my God! I find lentils completely incomprehensible.

Topher: I'm working! What are you doing, besides being...
Adelle: Being what?
Topher: Wait a minute.
Adelle: Sarcastic? Unfeeling? British?

Dominic: You played a good hand, ma'am.
Adelle: I played a bad hand very well. There's a distinction.
Dominic: Of course.

Adelle: You reached out to an Active during an engagement without my say-so?
Topher: It's the adrenaline. It makes me forget my protocols and cues.

(about Ballard) He needs closure. And we are the experts at giving people what they need, aren't we?

Adelle: If you're amenable to the terms of your contract you will be assigned to Echo, one of our most requested Actives.
Boyd: What happened to her last handler?
Dr. Saunders: You're standing in him.

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