I don't really have a gameplan because if I think too hard about what we're doing I'll feel really bad about it.

Silver: I conquer this fear, I conquer all fears, right?
Adrianna: Totally, unless you die tragically.
Silver: What?!?!
Adrianna: Im kidding!

I have this great guy who can literally gloss over anything. Like when I practically killed Silver, I am so sorry for that by the way.

The only thing wrong with that girl is that she's not you.

Naomi [reacting to Navid & Liam's fistfight]: Oh my God...did that really just happen?
Adrianna: I know. Love really screws people up, doesn't it?

How is nearly having a stroke okay?

I'd rather have a job kissing Kim Kardashian's ass than ever work with you again.

I don't even know if I want to have a relationship with you.

You are not going to raise my daughter, Silver!

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