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Nikita: Ari is the priority.
Alex: Because you say it is?

Nikita: No boys needing rescuing. Maybe one.
Alex: There's always one.

Maybe this new one can be something better.

Sean: You're not hearing me. I've never run from a fight in my life.
Alex: Until you left Division.

Best way to avoid a RPG, keep your head down.

It was Baker, in the server room, with a candlestick.

Owen: So you're Alex. The last time I saw Nikita you were on the outs. Did you two kiss and make up?
Alex: There wasn't any kissing, but yes.

Alex: Here we go?
Nikita: Here we go again.

Alex: If Division dies, you can live.
The Division agent: You had it wrong. If we die, Division lives.

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