Wow Dad, could your head get any bigger?

I don’t know who he is but I know what he is, a giant ass.

Castle: Did I tell you I got peppered sprayed today?
Alexis: You say that like it's a good thing.

Alexis: Halter tops were big in the '70s.
Castle: So were those peasant blouses. Why didn't you wear one of those?

Have you ever looked back on something you've done and it's like someone else is doing it?

I know these people. I care about them. It already hurts.

I need time to stop being mad and you need time to figure out a way to be OK with this.

I don't want to let fear win.

You think I'm catnip for the predators of the world.

How can you be so smart and so clueless at the same time?

Castle Quotes

Sometimes the hardest things in life are the things most worth doing.


One day you will look back and you will realize that every experience you ever had, every seeming mistake or blind alley was actually a straight line to who you were meant to be.

Rick Castle