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Alicia: We were good together, weren't we?
Will: Yes.

He was very litigious.

Cary: Now what?
Alicia: I have no idea.

She's in love.

Alicia: Well, why did she kiss you yesterday?
Cary: She's a comedian.

People aren't mean. They're just polite liars.

The law is an odd thing.

He's good. If I had stock I might even vote for him.

Will: What if we were to have good timing. For even an hour. What would that look like?
Alicia: I think that would look like an exceptional moment.

Alicia: I'm constantly spilling it. What's the real you?
Will: Uncontrollable bladder syndrome.

Eli: This will only take a minute and it's important.
Alicia: I'm about to argue for a woman's life. Is it more important than that?
Eli: Okay, I thought I could top that.

Jackie: I know what happened in hour house! I was your housekeeper, you know.
Alicia: I have no idea what that means, Jackie.

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Good Wife Quotes

Will: In Chicago, you need your friends three times: at your wedding, your wake, and your first indictment.

Alicia: What do you need?
Marilyn: I just need to take your firm through a short PowerPoint on the ethical rules of start-ups.