Andy: He seemed bigger at the bank.
Marlo: They always seem bigger when they have a gun in

Undercover wasn't all watching cheesy movies and hanging out at the bar. Nick and I ran 5K every other morning.

Maybe I should punch you in the face right now for puling the trigger on me back there.

I was going to write pistol whipped but it wasn't a pistol. It was a shot gun but shot gun whipped isn't a term.

I don't hate change. I hate surprises.

Sam: First time you ever held a grenade?
Andy: Yes. It was never really a goal of mine.

That's not your job anymore.

Andy: Why are you drunk at 8am anyway?
Nick: I was still drinking at 7.

Ten simple rules. What are they going to think when you break number six?

No fire bombs or gunshots in the last hour and a half. Things are looking up.

People stay together. People break up. Whatever.

I'm just a girl looking to buy some wood pallets. Nothing weird here.

Rookie Blue Quotes

How many girlfriends have you had that can walk away from a bomb unscathed?


Andy: Is this the workplace equivalent of pity sex.
Sam: Yeah, pretty much.
Andy: OK, I'll take it.