Sam: First time you ever held a grenade?
Andy: Yes. It was never really a goal of mine.

That's not your job anymore.

Andy: Why are you drunk at 8am anyway?
Nick: I was still drinking at 7.

Ten simple rules. What are they going to think when you break number six?

No fire bombs or gunshots in the last hour and a half. Things are looking up.

People stay together. People break up. Whatever.

I'm just a girl looking to buy some wood pallets. Nothing weird here.

Remember what we talked about. Completely uncool to walk around naked in somebody else's place.

Why don't you take your giggles to the bedroom.


I can't even picture Sam on vacation. He doesn't even own shorts.

Some people do find it difficult to be away from their children.

Andy: Are you wearing lipstick?
Sam: It's not his lipstick.

Rookie Blue Quotes

Sam: We make a good team you and me.
Andy: What are you saying?
Sam: Just what I said. What do you mean?
Andy: Nothing.

You know it's real when she makes you better.