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Britta: Why don't you sell him a pill that'll make him give up on his dreams?
Annie: Relaxarex doesn't make you give up on your dreams! That's a side effect!

They're a rising star in pharmaceuticals. They invented fibromyalgia AND the cure for fibromyalgia

Maybe we should brainstorm fundraising ideas that AREN'T bake sales OR zoos where the humans are in cages and the animals come to visit.

Jeff! It's bad luck to see the graduation before the graduation!

I know you're all wondering how I do it. How do I balance straight A's, extracurriculars, and Israeli folk dancing every Friday night?

Abed: I'm the super-villain. I'm emotionless, logical, smarter than everyone else--
Annie: Hey!

Annie: Shirley, I'm speaking for both you and me.
Shirley: Then you might want to teach your mouth to say "we," "our," and "us."

Annie: Shirley! We were just-
Abed:-about to-
Troy:-eat garbage dip! Why did I have to go third??

This is the Jonestown of dinners.

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