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You busted your ass to find this guy? The gun guy?

I'm going to give you a piece of advice you don't hear often in black ops -- chill.

So, should we hack the CIA now?

You guys ready to kick some super spy ass?

Division's dead, baby. Isn't it?

Michael: I guess there's a reason they called it Star Wars.
Birkhoff: Star Wars? This thing worked as well as the Phantom Menace.

Nikita: I'm the one with my ass on the line.
Birkhoff: I know. (Kisses Nikita on the lips) May the force be with you.
Nikita: Mikey, you can kick my ass when you get back. Okay, buddy?
Michael: Will do.

Fletch is the data whisperer here.

Pacemaker's back on line. Kill chip is dekillified.

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