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You can't beat Percy at his own game. The only way to win is not to play.

You guys really have to learn to turn off your comms. Now if this week's episode of 'General Hospital' is over, you might be interested to know -- the party has started.

That's why you never work with kids or animals.

Jet's ready. Bring your own peanuts.

I never understood that relationship. It's like oil and a martian.

Everything's cool. I just got to save their asses ... again.

Owen: You're kinda of small. You'd dissolve quick.
Birkhoff: Whatever.

As much as I love hosting couples therapy, you guys need to hit Craigslist. You got to the end of the week.

Birkhoff: Hmm. No.
Nikita: No?
Birkhoff: Get used to that sound, baby. 'Cause I'm not joining you on some crusade to take down Oversight. And you are not taking my jet anywhere.

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