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Are we just gonna avoid eye contact forever? What are we, Jeff during sex?

Who's holding? I have four berries, but I'm saving them for "Laser Floyd."

Britta: We do need the money. The biology department's been dissecting the same dead pig for ten years.
Dean: If we get this money, we can buy 100 pigs and make everybody happy.

If I wanted to wait on a rich man hand and foot, I would have gone to Dubai with that sheik I met at Trader Joe's.

Britta: Psychology tells us there are no accidents.
Jeff: What about car accidents, Tara Reid, or the Hindenburg?

Britta: Jeff, why are people staring at you?
Jeff: Because they've never seen a man who's had sex before?

Do they even have to talk? They could just touch tentacles and download.

Calling for help? A for help.

Britta: Everything is terrible.
Annie: Have you been watching Dance Moms again?

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