Honey, I think we're being wooed...by Midwesterners.

Sure I did some modeling for Abercrombie and Fitch back in college, but I hung up those cargo pants a long time ago.

Dude sweep the leg? Come on! In real life you just make a fist and hit him as hard as you can.

Awesome: You seriously don't do any core work?
Chuck: Just sitting up to reach the remote.

Awesome: Chuck I am so sorry that I let Ellie touch your dad's computer.
Morgan: Chuck I'm so sorry that I let this guy plan your bachelor party.

Lester: You said we were gonna chase tail.
Awesome: There's a huge belly marmot population. They love being chased.

Hey bro! You're in neighborhood watch territory now. Go ahead, try and run. I will be faster because I have superior form.

Captain Awesome: Target is on the move "Hot Mamma".
Ellie Bartowski: Copy that "Six Pack" I got the baby, you got the car.

You're not just anything Ellie...you're Mrs. Awesome.

Awesome: Listen I gotta to run. I still gotta find someone to make Ellie's placenta into vitamin pills.
Chuck: Ahhhh, I have to un-hear that.

Jeff: Four words...my abscess, Lester's gout.
Lester: Medical consult for tech expertise...you in?
Awesome: Yeah, anything for Ellie.

Awesome: Can't you take the new Sienna?
Ellie: I like my dad's ride.
Awesome: Does your dad's ride get five out of five stars on side impact protection?

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I hate Twitter.


Chuck, you're our leader.


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