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Lassiter: How many get out of jail free cards does a guy get?
Shawn: One in Chance, and another in Comminity Chess.

Carlton: That's your boyfriend.
Juliet: I know.

What more do you need? I told you she's blonde, and pale, and beautiful and perfect. So get me a name and get me an address and get me some aspirin!

You just suspended the greatest police chief in this city's history

You put some sunglasses on!

That's why [the Innocence Project] is high on my crap list, right behind internal affairs, UNICEF and Lance Bass... don't ask

This is why we should NOT legalize marijuana.

You are very important to me, Juliet. And I don't always do the best job telling you that.

My BABY!!!!

...I believe there is little to no room for interpretation in the United States Constitution...

Lassiter: You saw him too, Guster?
Gus: No, But I see him now.

Lassiter: If you don't treat O'Hara with the respect she deserves, or you hurt her in any way, I will discharge my pistol.
Shawn: You're saying you'll shoot me?
Lassiter: Repeatedly.

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A national geographic show is happening...I don't think right now is the time for a man to man....


Game, set, match!

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