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Lassiter: You know what happens in prison when you cry Harvard? A bunch of inmates go to the library and check out a bunch of books you've probably read before and beat you until you forget you ever went to guess?
Martin: Harvard...
Lassiter: You really are smart.

Think about it Spencer, put your finger to your head and use your brain....

Why don't you go home, watch a few episodes of Sex and the City and shake this whole thing off?

Lassiter [to Juliet]

You story, much like your lunchbox, smells a little fishy.

You two are so breaking up over this.

That's why [the Innocence Project] is high on my crap list, right behind internal affairs, UNICEF and Lance Bass... don't ask

Lassiter: How many get out of jail free cards does a guy get?
Shawn: One in Chance, and another in Comminity Chess.

How may potted plants does it take to spell loser?

Carlton: I have to know, will there be a hibiscus in this design.
McNab: There would be, if it was 2004. Psh, this guy!

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