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I don't choose Tywin Lannister. I don't love Tywin Lannister. I love my brother. I love my lover.

What good is power if you cannot protect the ones you love?

He could be the first man who sits on that throne in fifty years to actually deserve it.

Cersei: You never love anything in the world the way you love your first child. It doesn't matter what they do. And what he did, it shocked me. Do you think I'm easily shocked?
Margaery: No.
Cersei: The things he did, shocked me.

Cersei: You still mourn for Joffrey?
Margaery: He was my husband, my king.
Cersei: He would have been your nightmare.

Please Jaime you have to. He was our son, our baby boy.

An unhappy wife is a wine merchant's best friend.

If you ever call me sister again ill have you strangled in your sleep.

The gods have no mercy, that's why they're gods.

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