Chris: You screwed me over.
Cole: No. You screwed yourself over.

Cole: You only have one chance to get this right. I can set you up with the right photographer.
Chris: Why should I trust you?
Cole: Because I like Raina. And for whatever reason she seems to like you.
Chris: Make the call.

Chris: I'm not cut out for this.
Raina: Is anyone?

Cole: Enjoying your date?
Chris: It's not a date. Simon's just helping me get started.
Cole: Yeah. Pretty sure you're the only one who believes that.

Raina: How did it go with Claudia?
Chris: Bad. I think. But it's okay. I gave it a shot anyway.
Simon: Be at this address at 1 o'clock.

Simon: What's your name.
Chris: Chris Andrews. From Iowa.
Simon: Ever done any modeling, Chris Andrews from Iowa?

Chris: You aren't like these people, are you?
Raina: Look who's talking.

[reading sign] 'Do Not Feed the Models.' No wonder everyone's so skinny.

Chris: Everyone who lives here's a model?
Raina: Crazy right? You okay?
Chris: Yeah, it's just, everything's moving kinda fast.
Raina: Welcome to New York.

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