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Denise: What the hell Claudia Joy?
Claudia Joy: What? I thought you wanted my opinion?
Denise: Yes, but Jackie was very clear about a few things.
Claudia Joy: Then why do you need me?
Denise: I'm beginning to wonder.

You'll always be the same Roxy underneath. Nothing can change that, thank God.

Claudia Joy: Michael, is that offer for DC still open?
Michael: You bet.
Claudia Joy: Great. I think you're right. I do need a break from Ft. Marshall.

Well, we don't say goodbye, Pamela. We say see you again. See you again.

Michael: Would you like to live in that house?
Claudia Joy: No. But I don't want them to either.

Alright, they're in town for one night and she packs a red cocktail dress?

Losing you and the others, that's one thing. Losing a way of life?

Michael: I'm gonna retire.
Claudia Joy: Honey, I know you're disappointed, but shouldn't you think this over?
Michael: I have though it over. I've commanded a division Claudia Joy, I'm not going out commanding a desk. I'll go out as the last commander of the 23rd. Besides, it's your turn. You've followed me around the world for the last 25 years. I think it's time I followed you.
Claudia Joy: Michael...
Michael: As of this moment, we are out of the Army.

Claudia-Joy: Michael, do you still have a job?
Michael: Yeah, I just don't have a post.
Claudia-Joy: What?
Michael: That call had nothing to do with the video, the 23rds being disbanded. Reorganization. They're closing Ft. Marshall.

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