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Let's just play ping pong, so I can lose myself in sport.

Crosby: What makes all of this worth it?
Adam: What makes it worth it is the connection, the bond you feel, their yours. You know, you're part of them.

Do you want something to drink, whiskey or beer?

How do you like your dogs, medium, well done or burnt to a crisp?

Julia: Crosby I'm serious, I'm, I'm... you have to get the test. Yes, there are serious financial and legal ramifications.
Crosby: You know, sometimes you sound so much like a lawyer.

Oh look at this; she's the president of his fan club.

Julia: Are you afraid of being the father or not the father?
Crosby: Yes, both.

Crosby: Your family is intense.
Jasmine: You think.
Crosby: That's saying a lot coming from me.

Crosby: Sounds like this sperm is going to be an excellent father. So, maybe he can couch soccer for you or whatever.
Katie: You're an idiot.

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