Jenny: Ahhhh! Dan! You guys are together! You're back together! It wasn't a doctored photo?
Dan: No, we are. We just haven't... told anybody yet.

Dan: Serena... I still ...
Serena: I know. Me too.
[elevator door closes]
Serena: ... I love you.

Serena: I'm scared.
Dan: Me too.
Serena: When I step out of here, it's over.
Dan: I think... I think it was already. It just took us this long to realize, and get used to it.

There's a force larger than us at work here.

Jenny: What about you, Dad? You were the one on the great American road trip? Any good stories?
Rufus: Oh, well, there's no place like home.
Dan: That's profound.

Serena: [makes move on Dan] What do you say we ... just forget thinking and... follow our hearts.
Dan: You sure that's your heart you're following?

[to Serena, about Blair/Marcus] So, she actually refers to him as The Lord?

Dan: I was just thinking about... this morning... on the bus ...
Serena: Yeah, we didn't exactly stick to the plan, did we?

Serena: I just think that we should ... think, before we get back together.
Dan: I thought this meant we were back together.

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