Dan: Wait, don't you all hate each other?
Blair: Yes.
Nate: Absolutely.
Chuck: No.

Georgina: The moment I met you, I've been falling for you.
Dan: You wanna just go somewhere we can talk. Somewhere quiet.

Dan: Did you sleep with someone else?
Serena: Yes.
Dan: I'm done.

Dan: Yo, hey, buddy, there you go.
Georgina: Oh, awww, Georgie hey, bad boy. Sorry he disturbed you.
Dan: Well, uh, it's fine. I love dogs.
Georgina: Really. Do you have any?
Dan: No, uh, we use to have a cat, uh, but you know ... sister, allergies.

Sarah: So things are better with Serena?
Dan: Serena. Yeah ... yeah, good memory.
Sarah: Right.
Dan: Things are finally back to normal.
Sarah: Good. Well, I mean, you know, it's tough making friends in a new city. It would be really nice to meet her.
Dan: Yeah, Serena would love you.

Vanessa: Give her a break, Asher is her first love.
Dan: It's infatuation, it's not love.
Georgina: Yeah, but to a 15-year-old, girl, I mean, there really isn't much of a difference.

Serena: Oh, Sarah again, what is she, your new girlfriend?
Dan: Yeah, just kidding, but she's new in town, and she does want to meet you.

Dan: How are you always so right?
Serena: Its easy when you're always wrong.

Rufus: You used to cry when I didn't walk you to school.
Jenny: That wasn't me, that was Dan.
Dan: I was six. It was a very emotional time for me, post-tee ball.

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