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Danno: You're telling me this guy is not from around here?
Gracie: No Daddy, he lives in a pineapple under the sea.
Danno: What could be more Hawaiian than that?

I'm fine. I like hospital food, you know that. I checked in for the weekend.


Gracie: What's a hangover?
Danno: It's a... You'll figure it out when you're about...thirty-five?
McGarrett: Thirty-five... thirty... sixty...
Danno: Forty or so.

Danno: I'm going to talk to these models.
McGarrett: Okay, well just stick questions pertaining to the case.
Danno: What's that supposed to mean?
McGarrett: What it means, is that I know you. Stick to the case.

Kamekona:If I live through this I am never gambling again.
Danno:Yeah right.
Kamekona:How much you wanna bet?

Derek Marcum:I take it you are part of Honolulu's law enforcement community.
Danno: What gave us away?
Derek Marcum: You're wearing a tie in Hawaii.

Spider-Woman, what are you doing? I got em' on speed dial. Would you be careful, please? Destruction of property... You've been hanging out with McGarrett too long.


Danno: Please don't do that.
McGarrett: What?
Danno: Please don't put both hands on the wheel. Every time you do that something terrible happens, and I have to pray. Wait...wait. [puts on seatbelt] Okay.

Richard Cannon: Don't try to tell me who my father is. I know who my father is.
Danno: Deep. Really, deep.

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