Alex: You always said you looked great in a one piece.
Dave: I just don't understand why they're not acceptable to men anymore.

Dave: I think our wedding was pretty spectacular.
Brad: Yeah the only thing missing was a bride that stayed for the duration of the reception.

Pete you son of a bitch, you're as innocent as you are stunning.

I didn't even know you could pronounce the name of your store. I thought it was a four letter keltic symbol for failure.

When did we all turn against Mayer?

Wow, that's what 275 pounds of lonely looks like.

Jane: A summer birthday really matches my easy breezy vibe.
Dave: Easy breezy vibe? I thought you had more of a dead of winter, girl with the dragon tattoo, Sarsgaard Murderhouse vibe.

Max: Hello this is not a foursome, you guys are totally fifth wheeling me!
Dave: C'mon man we're not fifth wheeling you, Joey Fatone.
Brad: Yeah you're still part of the group Sporty Spice.
Jane: You're our favorite character Roz from Frasier.

Henceforth, I will now be known as "has or deals with clams."

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