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You, me, and Teddy; one big, happy family.

Deacon: Why the hell are you here?
Rayna: Because the entire world knows about our daughter.

We're all grown ups here...I am.

Deacon: I don't think part of her punishment should be taking away her music.
Teddy: Music is the problem and you can feel free to give me parenting advice once you've actually raised a child for 14 years.

No, I don't want tea, I want you to talk. If anybody understands how complicated your relationship was with Lamar it's me, OK, I was there.

You never wanna stay too long at a pity party, you know.

Are you some kind of tragedy junkie or something? Is that what it is? No, no that's it right? That's why you're with me. I'm this hot-headed alchy that you seduced to fulfill your savior complex.

In order to get a good deal, you gotta be a big deal. Or ya know, bring some kind of heat to the table.

I'm not writing a brief here. I'm writing a song. It's a different ball game.

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