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(to Adam) When we kissed...I felt nothing except regret. I'm sorry.

(to Adam) What happened - happened. Talking about it couldn't help because it shouldn't have happened at all. Sorry.

Divya: Your hands are quite swollen.
Adam: You probably say that to all your male patients.

Trust me Evan, putting them together will definitely drive them apart.

I never thought I'd get chocked up over a parrot at a wedding.

Divya: I'm engaged.
Jill: I didn't say anything.
Divya: I just crashed.

Divya: Have fun with your Cabernet.
Jill: I will. Have fun with your hot documentarian.

To be safe, I'll drive.

Divya: What is that? POE?
Hank: Property of Evan -
Jill: No, I was thinking someone else.

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