Don: It's easy to give up something when you're satisfied.
Sylvia: It's easy to give up something when you're ashamed.

Ted: I have to eat something.
Don: Doesn't ice count.

Peggy: What are they doing? They're really still having the awards?
Don: What else are they going to do?

Sylvia: I pray for you.
Don: For me to come back?
Sylvia: No, for you to find peace.

Honey, I can tolerate this, but I can't encourage it.

I want you. I want you all the time. If you've suddenly discovered you want something more than that, well that's news, isn't it?

We're having dinner together and I'm sorry that I thought we could spend time together outside your mate's room.

Well, it's nice to know that no matter what, I got something done today.

You wanna be somebody's discovery, not somebody's wife.

Don: Why do we do this?
Roger: For the sex, but it's always disappointing.

I already said no, or should I leave so you all can do whatever you want?

He's one guy and we can win it without him, end of discussion.

Mad Men Quotes

It's been a pleasure working with you all. I wish you the best of luck.


Don: Do you ever feel like there's less to actually do but more to think about?
Ted: Not really. Maybe I'm a bad manager. Maybe I'm too, what do they call it, 'hands on.'