Duncan: Is it true that Peck has retractable fangs?
Dov: Yes.

Chris: It's not like I'm some junkie criminal.
Dov: No, you're a cop.

Chloe: Wanna get drunk and make out?
Dov: Yes, but not on tequila.

You look like something the cat dug up.

Two shootings in one day. No wonder rent's cheap.

Are we Repo Men or are we police officers? So let's be police officers.

Dov: I think about you two all the time. That came out wrong.
Gail: You came out wrong.

Gail: Who is Duncan.
Dov: The new Rookie.
Gail: Oh, I've been calling him Jerald.

My amazing, beautiful, hilarious girlfriend who just got shot is married.

Oh yeah. She like bears. Cheap little bears made in China. She like that.

So how does this work? We wait for her to wake up and then we duel?

Dov: So what do you think? Flight or fight?
Gail: Neither. This guy looks like a weeper.

Rookie Blue Quotes

Gail: What does my outfit say to you?
Chris: I'm wearing clothes.

Jo: We sure she's guilty?
Traci: Well four garage fires and now the laundromat all within two miles of her school plus the arson for dummies kit in her knapsack.