Allison: The point is, black holes in Eureka.... BAD.
Jack: See! That I get!

Jack: I've always been a "leap blindly" kind of guy
Allison: Really, like the 4 years it took you to ask me out?

Allison: The man holds the key to our future, and we just fried a bunch of neurons in his brain and you want to go out for pizza?
Jack: No! I want to go out for - Chinese.

Allison: It only records the memories you're willing to share, so think about those.
Jack: See I have seen this before and then the Stay-puft Marshmallow man.. Grrrr, comes Arrrgh down the street, ah... no.

Allison: Mr. Hughes, are you ok?
Hughes: My ears are ringing!
Jack: Exploding robots will do that.

Allison: Now that we are involved I had to file an IA248 with the DOD
Jack: IA??
Allison: It's the form required for our intimate alliance.
Jack: There can't be a form for that!

Allison: Come on Jack, you have to trust me.
Jack: I know [smiles]

Jack: What have you done with my girlfriend, I've seen the brain scans
Allison (Beverly): I knew I shouldn't kiss you, it was just too tempting
Jack: Oh *was it*?!

Carter: You did great.
Allison: My ass hurts.
Carter: I'll rub it later, you did great.

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