Adam: I never have pegged you for the type, Ellie.
Bishop: The type?
Adam: Ah, you know. Trade in your stats and your snacks for a badge and a gun.

Palmer: It goes without saying but, this kind of stuff effects me a lot more since become a father.
Bishop: I'm sure it does.
Palmer: I mean with this kind of evil in the world.... People who will do this kind of...How am I supposed to let Victoria leave the house.
Bishop: Pretty sure she'll leave the house eventually, whether you let her or not.

Bishop: We're about to go live. What are you guys talking about?
McGee and Tony: Star Wars.

Tony: He's a dead man. Bishop's the last person you'd expect to slit someone's throat in their sleep.
McGee: Which would make her the first.
Tony: Now you're catching on.
Bishop: You know I can hear every word you're saying.
Tony: That's impossible. I'm whispering.

Ducky: I imagine you have quite a lot to say.
Bishop: My big brother used to tell me "when life throws you a curve ball, you can either duck, get hit, or swing." I've decided to swing.
Ducky: Your brother's a smart man.
Bishop: He is. I'm sure yours thought the same about you

Jake: The affair with Taylor isn't the problem.
Bishop: Trust me Jake, it's a problem.
Jake: Yeah, okay. Fair enough but...what I mean is is also a symptom of something deeper. When we were at the NSA together, we were together. Happily in a bubble.
Bishop: Peas in a pod.
Jake: Right. And then when you left, suddenly there was a wall. We could barely talk to each other.
Bishop: Well yeah, not without violating national security.
Jake: And that is the problem! I put national security first. I put the NSA before my wife. I will do whatever it takes to repair our marriage.
Bishop: What if I'm not?
Jake: What? Ellie, come on...
Bishop: You're right. Your affair isn't the problem. We weren't working.
Jake: No. Eleanor...
Bishop: Why did you tell me about the affair?
Jake: What?
Bishop: I would never have found out. I think you wanted me to know. It's over, Jake. It's been over for a long time. We're just saying it out loud now.

George: We going to talk about the gold elephant in the room? You're still wearing your ring. Does that mean you want to try and work it out?
Bishop: Marriage isn't something you just give up on. Those vows meant something to me.
George: You weren't the one who broke them.

Gibbs: What do you need?
Bishop: For everyone to stop treating me like I'm this fragile thing that's about to break.
Gibbs: [laughs]
Bishop: What?
Gibbs: How many times a week did you check on me after Iraq? You kept showing up, even after I said I was fine.
Bishop: That's different, Gibbs. You almost died. We were all worried.
Gibbs: So's your family. They just want to make it better.
Bishop: I've been so inundated with everyone's opinions on how I should feel and what I should do, I haven't actually been able to process it myself.
Gibbs: You can't do that if you won't talk about it.

Bishop: Well. You are telling me to talk about my feelings? All right. Tell me Gibbs, how have you processed getting shot? Who is it you're opening up to?
Gibbs: Dr. Taft. I've been talking with him since the Sudan case. Everyone reaches a point, Bishop. Even me. You just got to take the first step.
Bishop: But I can't.
Gibbs: Rule #28. When you need help, ask.

Bishop: You can change the future. Yours and Alex Quinn's. A soldier who fought bravely for his country and is fighting for his life. A life that you can save. You once took an oath to never leave a fallen soldier behind. Now's your chance to make good on that promise.
Doogan: The deal was my only shot at getting out of here. I just wanted a fresh start.
Bishop: That's exactly what this is. A new beginning. I know. Don't let a bad situation define who you are.

Bishop: Now can you tell me why you weren't there when the bomb went off?
Jake: The agency's been asking me the same question. There was a threat assessment before the conference; it was covered up, and then leaked. They suspected I had knowledge of it.
Bishop: Did you?
Jake: Ellie, come on.
Bishop: Where were you?
Jake: You know this is so frustrating.
Bishop: Is this why you've been so distracted and distant lately?
Jake: When you had NSA clearance, we could discuss things, at lunch, at home. But now...
Bishop: I know. I understand and...I hate it.

Bishop: At first, I thought that you were having an affair. But I know what's going on now, and I know that you're in trouble at work.
Jake: Ellie....
Bishop: Yesterday I went to surprise you at lunch. But when I got there I saw you being reprimanded by Taylor Matthews from Internal Affairs.
Jake: Stop. I'm not in trouble at work. This is so hard. I've been trying to tell you but I don't know how. I'm having an affair with Taylor. At first it was just an office flirtation, that's all it was. But then we went to Dubai. I'm not making excuses but after the bombing....
Bishop: Shut up. I don't want to hear any more.
Jake: Ellie, Ellie you don't deserve this. Look, I hate myself for what I've done.
Bishop: Were you with her last night?

NCIS Quotes

Tony: One other question, I know you're an expert in English history. And I was just wondering, have you ever heard of Archibald Drummond, the 17th Earl of Trent?
Ducky: The Earl of Trent. No, I can't say I have. Why?
Tony: I was just wondering. Thanks.

McGee: All right. Well you should probably know that Abby and I used to date?
Bishop: Ew. Like, each other?
McGee: Yeah.
Bishop: Wait - isn't that a violation of rule 12, never date a....
McGee: It was a long time ago. After we'd broken up, one night I went to her lab. Found a scribbled piece paper; a list. Potential boyfriends had to fulfill certain conditions by a pre-arranged date or else, goodbye.
Bishop: Such as.
McGee: Things started off relatively normal: opening the door for her, flowers, putting the seat down. Then around number 8, it gets uh...
Bishop: What?
McGee: Does she know you have these?
Bishop: Does she know you have these?
McGee: Yeah she wasn't happy when she found out.
Bishop: These are all very specific.
McGee: Yeah.
Bishop: These ideas apply to you?
McGee: No those rules weren't in place when we were together. At least I don't think so.
Bishop: What's with the two month cutoff? Abby's sabotaging herself. I've seen stuff like this before. We have to talk to her.