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Peter: I can’t let emotions could my judgment.
Elizabeth: You already have.

El: What do we know about this Jill?
Neal: Cause for further study….

Neal: Don’t jump to conclusions.
EL: Too late, already jumped.

What I see is a man who is going to come out of this stronger. Peter Burke, you are going to beat this, and you're going to come home to me.

Peter: I didn't want it.
Elizabeth: It would have been nice to be asked.

Elizabeth: You do have to admit they are kinda sweet together...
Peter: I hope that's the Stockholm talking.

Guilty as charged.

Just don't get in so deep that you can't get out.

If you have to lie to his face to keep him safe, you better damn well lie to his face.

Gives new meaning to 'dirty laundry.'

You're an FBI agent Peter Burke. Go get your job back.

You're the best wife ever, you know that.

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White Collar Quotes

Often the things we try to hide are most obvious to the people around us.

Vincent Adler [to Neal]

A lot doesn’t add up on this one…

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